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Up Next in 2020

  • The Theater Man

    The Theater Man is written by Kea Kamiya. It’s a love-letter to the art of theater, and how passionate it is to one person. The story is a theater man, who shares his love of it while encountering a crisis in his life.

  • Not Invisigirl

    Not Invisigirl, written by Isabella Manhart, is a story about self-discovery, and acceptance from the world, and themselves. Our main character Alex tries to fight for people to listen to them, and for everyone to accept Alex’s identity.

  • Runner Up: Winter of '99

    Two teens find themselves hiding in a supply closet. One of them believes that what’s happening outside of that closet is just a drill, the other is sure that it’s the real deal. The two of them talk, while both trying to distract themselves from the fear that they are feeling.