TheaterMania Young Playwrights Festival

TheaterMania Young Playwrights Festival

16 Episodes

2020 is the year of many firsts including our first annual Young Playwrights Festival where we invited high school students from across the USA to send us their one-act plays. A team of judges reviewed each play carefully and chose the winners based on originality and creativity. We were extremely impressed with the quality of the plays which ranged in topic to fun and lighthearted to deeply personal.

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TheaterMania Young Playwrights Festival
  • Community-ism

    Episode 6

    Community-ism shines a light on the inequities in our legal system, especially as it pertains to young men of color.

  • Yellow Orchids

    Episode 112

    Olivia Seymour’s Yellow Orchids is read by Harrison Lewis and Samantha De Vries. The story revolves around a nine year old girl named Natalie, and her neighbor Mr. Thomas, and despite how different their personas may be, they come to realize just how much they have in common, and the cruelty of t...

  • The Theater Man

    Episode 10

    The Theater Man is written by Kea Kamiya. It’s a love-letter to the art of theater, and how passionate it is to one person. The story is a theater man, who shares his love of it while encountering a crisis in his life.

  • Not Invisigirl

    Episode 115

    Not Invisigirl, written by Isabella Manhart, is a story about self-discovery, and acceptance from the world, and themselves. Our main character Alex tries to fight for people to listen to them, and for everyone to accept Alex’s identity.

  • Runner Up: Winter of '99

    Episode 2

    Two teens find themselves hiding in a supply closet. One of them believes that what’s happening outside of that closet is just a drill, the other is sure that it’s the real deal. The two of them talk, while both trying to distract themselves from the fear that they are feeling.

  • Thorazine

    Episode 11

    Thorazine, written by Izzy Ster, is the story of a couple debating about art, and how several interpretations can enter several people’s minds. How much of an open book art is, and how we handle different kinds of loneliness, and our own psyche.

  • 7,8,9

    Episode 4

    A murder, a suspect, a witness, a detective. It’s a classic tale, this one is just a little different. On March 14, 2015, a young woman was murdered and her killer is on the loose. The detective on the case brings in her prime suspect for an interrogation to see if she can figure out how that nig...

  • It's Colder Inside

    Episode 13

    It’s Colder Inside is written by Charlotte Robertson. It’s the story of struggling with change, and how hard it is to change a routine. Because routine is like an addiction, and when you change it, you start to have withdrawal. The story is about a collection of characters as we encounter their e...

  • Runner Up: When They Came From Above

    They are coming tonight, that’s what the radio said. The entire street is out on their porches, looking up at the night sky. Linda, Jerry, Jimmy, and Jon all theorize about the visitors, what will they look like, will they eat like us, sound like us? Are they violent? They sit there on the porch ...

  • Violent Outbursts of the Restaurant Kind

    Episode 7

    The work of a restaurant host is not an easy one. Jaime finds himself dealing with a strange variety of people, all of whom are pushing him closer and closer to his breaking point. An entirely honest story about life in the service industry, Jaime gets to say what all service industry workers wis...

  • Mafia Mixup

    Episode 114

    A high school boy is asked by a friend to go to a party at her house. How can he tell his friend why he can’t go without putting himself, or his friend in danger? A tale of twists and turns, this story is sure to leave you shocked.

  • Coffin Story

    Episode 9

    What do you do if you find yourself buried alive? Winnie finds herself in this exact situation. With only a flashlight, a letter, and a pencil, Winnie finds herself succumbing to the coffin, until she hears a strange voice. Belonging to an ant, Winnie starts up a conversation and explains just ho...

  • Rebel, Rebel

    Episode 8

    Is the entire world the “monster under the bed?” Rebel, Rebel is a play written by Foster Schrader that explores the role of women in society, sexual preference, and gender identity over the decades. The play challenges societal expectations as told through a relationship between female friends.

  • Luxury Limbo Motel Resort & Spa

    Episode 16

    Stranded because of a blizzard, the couple of Martha and John find themselves seeking shelter at a little motel. The two meet the owner of the motel, Jarrod, who is a man with a very weird energy. After getting their room, the two find themselves locked in with nothing but a pack of peanuts to ea...

  • First Place: Perfectly Gilded Pineapples

    Episode 1

    Two people are hiding behind a potted plant. They discuss how they both ended up there, forced engagements, and pineapples. Thomas and Virginia meet at a party thrown by Thomas’ aunt, who wants him to get engaged to a woman he's never met before. Virginia comes up with a plan to help.

  • The First Step Is Acceptance

    Episode 5

    17 year old Anna Park finds herself in a place she does not want to be in a mandated psych analysis being performed by an undergrad at NYU. Michael, the undergrad, tries to figure what exactly happened to get to Anna here. Taking place in March of 2020, a young Asian-American girl faces the growi...