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  • Family Holiday Pops

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    Streaming December 3, 2021 – January 2, 2022

    The Ashland Symphony Orchestra performs seasonal music from yesterday and today.

    A musical gift for the entire family. Share the warmth of the season with this concert of traditional carols and holiday favorites.

    John Deliman, Conductor

    Martha Buck...

  • A Hit Dog Will Holler - Rogers/Vandenheuvel

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    By Inda Craig-Galván
    Directed by Jon Lawrence Rivera

    A social media influencer and a boots-on-the-ground activist forma complex bond of friendship to help each other survive as American racism manifests as a physical form. Even more resonant now than when originally scheduled to premiere in 2020...

  • RSO “Holiday Pops Spectacular” – DEC 4 4PM ET

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    This livestream of the Roanoke Symphony Orchestra’s Holiday Pops Spectacular is offered exclusively for ticketholders for live performances at the Moss Arts Center at Virginia Tech to provide an option for those who feel unwell or uncomfortable attending the performance in person. It is not avail...

  • Christmas at Luther 2021 - Dec 5 2:30 PM CT - LIVE

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    At Luther College in Decorah, Iowa, every December begins with a magnificent performance in the Center for Faith and Life. Christmas at Luther showcases Luther’s five choirs, Symphony Orchestra, handbell choir, and college organist in a striking combination of music and spoken word. Approximately...

  • THE TREATY - Dec 6 - 8PM IST/3PM ET

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    Fishamble: The New Play Company presents
    THE TREATY by Colin Murphy
    Directed by Conall Morrison

    A hundred years ago, a small group of untested politicians left Dublin for London, to negotiate for Irish independence with one of the most formidable delegations ever put together. The Irish were se...

  • Christmas at Luther 2021 - On Demand

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    At Luther College in Decorah, Iowa, every December begins with a magnificent performance in the Center for Faith and Life. Christmas at Luther showcases Luther’s five choirs, Symphony Orchestra, handbell choir, and college organist in a striking combination of music and spoken word. Approximately...

  • Masterworks 1 - Surprised Surrender

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    The fall concerts offer a delightful departure from the pre-pandemic concert fare. Without a crystal ball in this ever-changing post-pandemic landscape, we are saving the heavy-duty symphonic warhorses for the spring. Instead, we are reaching into a different chest of treasures. We are starting w...

  • Masterworks 2 - Autumn Shines

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    This is Martin’s concert of jewels. We just had to re-book Argentina native, Tomás Cotik, who now makes his home in Portland. He is acclaimed for his Piazzolla: Four Seasons of Buenos Aires and what better companion than Autumn, from Vivaldi’s Four Seasons. But that is not all: Martin is paying o...

  • Masterworks 3 - Playful Jewel

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    We are venturing into new territory with Jessie Montgomery’s Strum for strings – it will make you excited for the future of orchestral music! Together, we will enter the musical pantheon with Mozart’s Clarinet Concerto. But wait! The soloist Wonkak Kim will play the piece as it was originally con...

  • Treaty: Songs - Dec 11 8PM IT/3PM ET

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    NCH presents

    With Lisa O’Neill, Gemma Dunleavy, John Spillane, Karan Casey, Maija Sofia, Duke Special, Jonathan Nangle & Crash Ensemble and more to be announced.
    Special guest Christy Moore

    December 1921 saw Irish representatives gather to debate the Anglo-Irish Treaty at the Kev...

  • ICO: Mozart, the final symphonies - Dec 9 8PM IT

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    The story of Mozart’s final three symphonies are a microcosm of healing, recovery and renewal. Symphony No. 39, is gentle but buoyant, the least performed of the three but no less a masterwork. Melancholic Symphony No 40, adored by audiences, reflects Mozart’s struggles but the gorgeous. dreamy s...

  • Christmas in Leipzig - Dec 19 3PM ET

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    The Chorus and Orchestra of Emmanuel Music return joyfully for
    celebratory music from Bach’s first Christmas in Leipzig (1723). A
    perennial favorite, Bach’s Magnificat is paired with the rarely
    performed Cantata, BWV 63. Bach brings to life the humble mystery and
    joy of the season, juxtaposing mu...

  • UF Students Stream Free

    UF Students Stream Free

  • Masterworks 4 - Triangle of Love

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    This concert was planned for last year and we couldn’t let it go. Robert Schumann, Clara Wieck-Schumann and Johannes Brahms usher in the new gilded age. We feel like this is the new gilded age, NOW. Full stages and full auditoriums are back! We eagerly anticipate Vijay Venkatesh’s delayed pia...

  • Champs-Élysées to Broadway

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    Streaming January 28 – February 26, 2022

    Champs-Élysées to Broadway

    Conductor Michael Repper and the Ashland Symphony Orchestra transport you from America to France.

    Ring in the new year with festive music by Franz Joseph Haydn, Joan Tower, and George Gershwin! Bask in the joyous glow of the P...

  • William Kabengiser - Feb 5 -11

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    Virtuoso as soloist and in the legendary Los Angeles Guitar Quartet,
    Kanengiser is an American great.

    “One of the extraordinary masters of the instrument.” – Seattle Post-

  • Adam del Monte - Mar 5 - 11

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    Adam del Monte

  • Impressions

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    Streaming March 18 – April 16, 2022

    A musical journey across time and space with The Ashland Symphony Orchestra and Raphael Jiménez.

    A trumpet call in a quiet city… Echoes of virtuoso string playing, singing, and dancing… On a dimly lit balcony, a teenager sketches few notes with dreams of a sy...

  • J.S. Bach's St. John Passion - Mar 26 7PM ET

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    The Gospel of John relates the story of Christ’s last days as a clash
    of political forces, where conflicting power structures conspire to
    crush a visionary reformer. Bach's dramatic, vivid, and deeply
    emotional setting of this Passion narrative does not shrink from this
    troubling human parable; y...

  • Frank Vignola and Tessa Lark - April 2 -*

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    An Evening with Tessa Lark (violin) and Frank Vignola (jazz guitar) is so
    much fun - from jazz to swing to pop.

  • Structured Storms: Classical Chaos

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    Streaming April 29, 2022 – May 28, 2022

    Stormy and passionate music from the Ashland Symphony Orchestra and conductor Isaac Selya.

    This program features musical depiction of stormy weather and unsettled emotions, expressed by three composers whose music focused on formal structure.

  • Masterworks 5 - Reaching for the Sky

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    The season finale starts with The Creation of the World, an aptly named, jazz-infused chamber work by Milhaud. Things grow from there. First the radiant Saxophone Concerto by the French master Tomasi, played by the saxophone eminence that is Otis Murphy. Lastly, a splendorous and mesmerizing fina...

  • Berta Rojas - May 7 - 13

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    Rojas is a champion of South American music, and especially that
    of her countryman, Barrios. Williams had invited her to play an all-
    Barrios program for her part of the concert, and she truly
    delivered. – Classical Guitar Magazine.

    Berta Rojas is one of the most active and original guitarists o...