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  • Artist to Artist

    1 season

    Artist to Artist, TheaterMania's series that pairs artists from the Broadway community for conversations on their common craft. It's a platform that gives them space to ask each other questions, reflect on their greatest successes and defeats, and share their personal philosophies on how to make ...

  • What Is Pass Over? The Stars and Writer of Broadway's First Play Back Fill Us In

    Broadway's first play back is Pass Over, Antoinette Chinonye Nwandu's contemporary riff on Waiting for Godot and the biblical Exodus story at the August Wilson Theatre. Jon Michael Hill and Namir Smallwood play Moses and Kitch, two young men waiting on a street corner, trying to figure out a way ...

  • Making the Music

    1 season

    In Making the Music, Broadway composers perform several of their own songs and tell us about their creation.